3 December, 2023

CSC Scholarship Required Documents (A Complete List)

An initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Education, the CSC Scholarships are awarded by the Chinese government to promote mutual understanding between China and other countries, cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, political benefit, and most importantly, promote good quality education.

Chinese Government scholarships are among the most famous and commonly requested scholarships by foreign students who want to study in China. As the CSC scholarship is awarded by the government, the scholarship funds Bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, MBA, and other expensive programs. However, it funds some selective MBBS programs.

Students can get a full scholarship and study for free or get a partial scholarship where the government bears most of their educational expenses. Students who successfully qualify for undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral programs under the scholarship will receive a monthly stipend in addition to free accommodation and tuition.

List Of Documents Required For CSC Application

Highest Academic Achievement Transcript: Transcripts in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must carry a certified copy of the transcripts translated into Chinese or English.

Graduation certificate authenticated by the competent authority: if the candidate is still studying, they must submit a certified copy of the expected graduation certificate or student status issued by the university.

Copy of your passport: a scanned copy of the information page must be sent. The passport must not expire in the next two years. If the passport is going to expire, you must renew it; if not renewed for certain reasons, valid documents with passport details must be submitted.

Proposal of your research and study plan: If you plan to study for more than 6 months, you must submit a physical examination form. Mandatory medical exams and examinations must be completed and must bear the signature of the treating physician along with the hospital seal. This form is only valid for 6 months, after which the tests must be repeated.

Letter of recommendation

Valid visa if any

Pre-admission letter to the university, if applicable (if you have already been accepted to the university); this letter or the admission itself shall prevail.

Applicants under the age of 18 must submit legal documents from their local guardians.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of getting a good scholarship. CSC scholarships are awarded to students with the highest grades and academic achievements.

The Chinese government aims to increase the chances of high-quality education for simpletons who cannot afford such education. Your financial or tracking history is not involved here, only your academic talents are important.

  • Application Form (Fill up on CSC and University website)
  • Study plan or research proposal
  • Valid Passport of any of the eligible countries
  • Two pieces of Recommendation Letter
  • English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS is preferred for top-ranked universities)
  • Physical Examination Form For Foreigners
  • Notarized Previous year’s degree
  • Notarized previous year’s transcript
  • Curriculum-Vitae (CV), Resume
  • No Criminal Record (Police Clearance Certificate)

Additional Documents:

  • Metric and Intermediate Degrees
  • IELTS/TOEFL (Mandatory in top-ranked universities in China)
  • Acceptance Letter

How To Apply For China Study Visa

Students who intend to study in China need to apply for a visa. Foreign students studying in China are required to hold an ordinary passport and either an X1 visa (study period of more than 180 days) or an X2 visa (study period of no more than 180 days.).

Applicants should apply for a Chinese visa from their nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

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