1 December, 2023

List of 9 Fully Funded Study Abroad International Scholarships (BS, MS, PhD)

Do you want a Study abroad scholarship? or How to get a need-based international scholarship? or how to get a scholarship to study abroad?

Are you looking to study abroad but are you worried about the cost? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships for international students to study abroad, including full and partial scholarships and more specialized financing schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, others by individual universities, and others by external funding organizations and charities.

Many students dream of studying abroad. It is no secret that an international experience offers students the opportunity to make new friends, participate in an internship, explore a global city, create professional connections and immerse themselves in a new culture while obtaining a prestigious education. That is why students are applying for full scholarships to study abroad.

We made a list of study abroad international scholarships. At the time of this post, all below international scholarships are open for application. This list of international scholarships contains government, university, and organizational scholarships.

List of Full Scholarships To Study Abroad

#1. Harvard University MBA Scholarship

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with approximately 6,800 undergraduate students and approximately 14,000 graduate students. Every year Harvard university offers MBA scholarships to all over the world student.

The total worth of an MBA scholarship is US $ 95,000 for up to 2 years. All nationality is eligible for this USA study abroad scholarship program at Harvard University.

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#2. Orange Knowledge Dutch Government Scholarship

The Orange Knowledge Program aims to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of society. Their international scholarships are open to mid-career professionals in specific countries. The Netherland Scholarship is fully funded and all-expense covered by the host organization.

The Dutch Study Abroad Scholarship program offers master’s and short courses to specific countries’ students to study in the Netherlands. These international study-abroad scholarships are funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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#3. Global Affairs Canada Scholarship

After the launch of the new International Education Strategy, Global Affairs Canada is pleased to present the Study in Canada Scholarship program. This program will offer academic scholarships for up to two years of study at the postsecondary level leading to a diploma, postsecondary or postgraduate certificate, or master’s degree at a college, technical or vocational school, or university in Canada.

The scholarship program in Canada is open to students of all disciplines. Canada’s scholarship program aims to increase opportunities for Canadian post-secondary institutions to receive international students from around the world.

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#4. Italian Government Scholarships

The University of Bologna offers scholarships to international students who wish to enroll in the First Cycle, Second Cycle, or Single Cycle Programs at the University of Bologna for the academic year 2022.

The worth of Itlay scholarships is € 11,000 and also an exemption from tuition fees. Scholarships and tuition exemptions are awarded on the basis of SAT and GRE, for one academic year.

The scholarship in Italy offers Bachelor’s, Master’s studies and is funded by the Italian Government Scholarship For International Students.

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#5. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship

The University of Leiden is a public research university in Leiden, the Netherlands. Founded in 1575 by William, the Prince of Orange as a reward to the city of Leiden for his defense against the Spanish attacks during the Eighty Years War, is the oldest institution of higher education in the Netherlands.

The LExS is granted for the duration of the study program. There are three levels of prizes available:

  • € 10,000 of the tuition fee
  • € 15,000 of the tuition fee
  • Total tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee

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#6. KAIST Scholarship In South Korea

The GKS program was developed to offer higher education opportunities in South Korea to international students, with the aim of promoting international exchange in education and learning, as well as mutual friendship between participating countries.

There are two ways to apply for the scholarship program, Embassy, and University. This is a fully-funded scholarship in South Korea for an international student to study at the masters and doctoral levels.

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#7. BI Norwegian business school Norway Scholarship

BI Norwegian Business School is the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in Europe. BI has a total of four campuses, with the main one located in Oslo. The university has 845 employees, composed of an academic staff of 404 people and 441 administrative employees.

Committed to supporting and promoting the most qualified academic candidates for its programs, BI is pleased to offer several generous scholarship opportunities.

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#8. Poland Government Scholarship

NAWA academic exchange in the form of Polish development aid. The program offers scholarships for foreign students, allowing them to complete full-time second-cycle studies in the following areas: technical and engineering sciences, agricultural sciences, health sciences, and life science in higher education institutions (HEIs) supervised by the minister responsible for higher education education and science, within the regulatory period of education.

The program also offers a waiver of tuition fees during this period. This polish scholarship offers full-time master’s study.

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#9. Irish Government International Scholarship

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) is pleased to issue the Call under the Irish Government Education Scholarship Program. According to the initiative, 60 scholarships will be awarded for one year of study at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level to successful candidates who have a vacancy in a qualified Irish higher education institution.

Successful students will receive a € 10,000 scholarship for one year of study and a total exemption of all tuition and other registration fees in the institution of higher education.

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