14 June, 2024

Bayes Business School International Scholarship 2025 In UK (Funded)

Application is invited to apply for Bayes Business School International Scholarship 2025 In the UK. This scholarship is for students who achieve outstanding grades in the international qualifications accepted by the Business School and who exceed the requirements of their offer.

Bayes Business School is offering a scholarship worth 25% of the first-year tuition fees to International students paying overseas fees and starting a Business School undergraduate course from Year 1 in September 2024. The scholarship will be awarded as a discount to the fee amount due in the first year of their study only.

The scholarship is for students who achieve exceptional grades in the international qualifications accepted by Bayes Business School and their final grades must surpass the advertised academic entry criteria for the course and their offer requirements.

Those applying to Bayes Business School with either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma qualification are not eligible for this scholarship, but they can apply for our other listed scholarships.

Bayes Business School International Scholarship

  • City University London
  • Undergraduate
  • Business
  • International Students
  • UK
  • Deadline: 30 August 2024 

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Eligibility criteria

There are 20 of these scholarships available and to qualify for the Bayes Business School International Scholarship for the 2024/5 academic year, you must meet the following conditions in full:

Be a student expecting to pay Overseas fees; and Be a student taking a qualification other than A Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, or BTEC; and

Be in your first year of undergraduate study in 2024/5; and Start in year 1 of your degree at Bayes Business School of City, University of London, from September 2024; and

Be expected to achieve academic grades that exceed the conditions of your offer and the advertised academic criteria; and Make City your Firm choice, either as a Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF).

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Value of the scholarship

The value of the Scholarship in 2024/5 will be £6,125 for each student who is awarded this scholarship for Year 1 only.

Registration and deadline

The process for applying for Bayes Business School International Scholarship is as follows:

Stage one

Applicants will have until Friday 30 August 2024 to submit an application for the scholarship. Applications received after this date will not be considered under any circumstances.

Stage two

Following the 30 August 2024 scholarship deadline, the panel will assess each application based on their final academic results, selecting applicants who have demonstrated the highest performance and with preference given to those who have chosen City as their ‘firm’ choice university. Note that those selected must have exceeded the advertised entry requirements in order to be considered for the scholarship award, however exceeding those requirements will not guarantee an award as the selection process is competitive.

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Stage three

Only applicants who have successfully completed the first two stages of the scholarship application will be assessed at this stage.

Applicants must have completed registration in full.  The deadline for 2024 registration will be 21 days after the first day of term (Welcome Week). This is expected to be 14 October 2024.

Scholarship applicants will receive a decision as to whether they have been awarded the scholarship by Friday 29 November 2024.

Successful recipients of the scholarship will receive the amount of £6,125 (25% of the tuition fee of £24,500 for first-year students commencing their studies in 2024) as a discount to their year 1 tuition fee and the amount will be subtracted from their January 2025 tuition fee installment.


Submission deadline: Friday 30 August 2024

Notification of scholarship results: Friday 29 November 2024.

How To Apply

Please read all Terms and conditions carefully. For more information please check the official source of scholarships.

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      I graduated from Addis Ababa science and technology university by chemical engineering in Jun 29/2022, so may I apply here.

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