19 April, 2024

List of International Scholarship Programs Around The World (Fully Funded)

Do you want to study abroad, but are you worried about the cost? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, some by individual universities, and others by outside funding organizations and charities.

Researching all the international scholarships out there can be a huge task. But we try to make it easy by creating lists of scholarships abroad, grouped into several categories.

This includes lists of international scholarships to study abroad in a given country, scholarships to study a particular subject, and scholarships for specific groups of students.

List of International Scholarships

Note: All the Scholarships Listed below will Cover Your Airfare Travel Tickets, Accommodation, Meals, Allowance, Visa Fee, Transportation, Tuition Fee, and Other Costs.

1. Europe Scholarships For International Student (Fully Funded)

Scholarships in Europe are fully funded by the European Council and private universities in Europe. Participants can enroll in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Programs.

International Scholarships in Singapore (Fully Funded)

International Scholarships in Netherlands (Fully Funded)

Qatar International Scholarships (Fully Funded)

International Scholarships in Germany (Fully Funded)

International Scholarships to Study in USA (Fully Funded)

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