27 May, 2024

Erasmus University Rotterdam Scholarships In Netherlands 2024 (Erasmus+)

Application is invited to apply for Erasmus University Rotterdam European Master In Law And Economics Scholarship In the Netherlands. The aim of EMLE is to provide students with advanced knowledge in ‘Law and Economics’ (L&E). This integrated discipline studies the economic effects of legal rules and the legal bases of economic efficiency. 

A comparative approach is used to evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of alternative legal rules from an economic viewpoint. L&E builds on the insight that economics is a behavioral science, able to explain and predict how people act under various legal conditions, revealing which legal instruments are most efficient in addressing market failures (e.g. market power, negative externalities (e.g. pollution and risk-creation), and information-asymmetry (e.g. between producers and consumers)). 

 Economic analysis also informs policymakers about the economic effects of rules aiming at other social goals than efficiency. By studying the economic rationales of lawmaking, L&E provides a positive analysis of and normative benchmark for the actions of policymakers, administrative agencies, and courts. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam Scholarship

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Masters
  • law and governance, Economics
  • International Students
  • Netherlands

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Scholarship Benefits:

By studying the economic rationales of lawmaking, L&E provides a positive analysis of and normative benchmark for the actions of policymakers, administrative agencies, and courts.

L&E has become increasingly relevant in the modern policy debate. EMLE is a 1-year Master covering all major fields of L&E, from the traditional fields of private law, competition policy, and economic regulation to analyses of international and EU law, Law & Finance, innovation, and the digital economy. Insights from behavioral economics are included in the curriculum.

Due to the increasing importance of empirical methods and their usefulness for policymaking, Empirical Legal Studies are part of the curriculum. In the 1st and 2nd terms, students (max. 35/class) study in 1 of 3 universities. In the 3rd term, students choose between 6 universities in smaller classes.

In the first 2 terms courses on the core topics in L&E are taught. Specialization starts in the 2nd term and is completed in the 3rd term with 2 further specialized courses and a thesis. EMLE graduates are trained to work for private companies, public organizations, economic advisors, and (multinational) law firms, but also for Ph.D. research.

Available Subjects:

The following subject is available to study under this scholarship program.

  • law and governance
  • Economics

How To Apply

For further information please check the official source.


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  1. Davies Joseph Reply

    I am a degree holder with a grade of 3rd class, a diploma and a professional qualified insurance practitioner.
    I am currently in Nigeria
    I will be willing to take up any school that can accommodate me on master program on scholarship.


    Am Agatha A Malawian, a holder of degree in public health, I would like to get that opportunity in order to advance my studies, it would be an honour get the funds, kindly share application link

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