13 April, 2024

Neufert Foundation Awards Scholarships In Germany 2025 (Funded)

Application is invited to apply for Neufert Foundation awards scholarships In Germany 2025. Since 2007, the Neufert Foundation has supported bachelor’s graduates in architecture, urban development, and landscape architecture who start and complete a Master’s program with a one-time scholarship.

All students of architecture, urban development, and landscape architecture who have completed a bachelor’s degree at a university in Germany and who are beginning and completing a master’s program at an international university are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Applications are also open to all international students who have completed their studies abroad with a Bachelor’s degree or comparable academic degree and are taking up and completing their Master’s program at a university in Germany.

Application Documents

All application documents must be submitted in either German or English.

  • Cover letter including the motivation for applying to the scholarship
  • Chronological CV with passport photograph
  • Notarized copy of Bachelor’s degree or acknowledged equivalent degree including
    performance record with all study and examination results obtained
  • Reference of a professor at the university, where the student has received the
    Bachelor degree
  • Reasons for choosing the particular international university
  • Admission/registration of the international university
  • Portfolio of at least 4 assignments, including the Bachelor thesis, which will only
    be accepted if printed in DIN A3 format


The scholarship is granted for 2.500,00 EUR.

If the student does not begin or interrupts his or her studies, the scholarship holder is obligated to repay any payments received to the foundation within one month. This does not apply to reasons which do not allow continuing due to special obstacles.

After completion of the Master’s program, documentation of the Master’s thesis must be sent to the Foundation as a printout and data record. The Foundation has the right to publish and exhibit the documentation as part of its publications concerning the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Architectural quality and originality of the submitted works
  • The comprehensible explanation for the selection of the Master’s program
  • Academic qualification judged by study performances and reference
  • Overall grade of the Bachelor’s degree
  • Quality of the application

The selection committee is free in the order of their evaluation. Scholarship holders are selected by organs of the foundation. The selection committee announces its choice immediately. The decision is not subject to appeal in a court of law. Rejections must not be justified.

The Foundation will not provide any information on the procedure during the period of the call for applications. Further regulations are based on the principles and,m guidelines for scholarships in the currently valid version.

Deadline Of Application

The application deadline begins annually on 01 March and ends on 15 May. Applications must be submitted by mail and may not be sent by registered mail. The date of the postmark is relevant.

If a return of documents is desired, a sufficiently prepaid return envelope must be enclosed with the application.

Please send your application to.

Neufert -Stiftung mit Sitz in Weimar
c/o Maringo Computers GmbH
Stolberger Strasse 114a
D – 50933 Cologne

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  1. Pascal Ndayishimiye Amani Reply

    Hi, in fact, I am interested in applying for this Neufert-foundation awards scholarships program for this reason I am willing to proceed with application form to see if I can be allowed to study abroad. otherwise that you very much for this opportunities.

  2. Robert Parale Reply

    I am interest to this scholarship. I graduated from PNG University of Technology with a bachelor degree in Power Engineer in 2020. This year continue Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) in the same institution and will complete this course in June this year. Have seen this scholarship offered by your esteemed organization is really helpful to me, I wish to continue Masters’ in Electrical engineer under this scholarship.

  3. MOHAMMAD ordikhani Reply

    With reference to the subject areas listed on machine learning under section PhDs, I am writing to express my interest in the Computer Science program starting in fall 2024. I recently completed my master’s degree with Artificial Intelligence engineering, and this doctoral program is exactly what I seek to leverage my experience within the field of professional scientific research.
    To shortly introduce myself, my name is Mohammad Ordikhani, I have a diploma in mathematics, and I studied Software Engineering during my bachelor’s, and after that, I studied Artificial Intelligence for my master’s from Tarbiat Modares University, one of the most prestigious universities in Iran. My master thesis was about the prevention and risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases using machine learning methods, specifically explainability methods in machine learning. I designed a new genetic algorithm, based on my interest in both Artificial Intelligence and its real-world applications. The study focused on developing an explainable artificial intelligence model and applying it to a medical data set to produce risk scores easily understood by humans. Furthermore, other research projects gave me hands-on experience with a variety of machine learning methods, helped me improve my time management skills, and engaged me in a great deal of teamwork. The results of my thesis have been published in the PLoS One Journal under the name of “an evolutionary machine learning algorithm for cardiovascular disease risk prediction”
    Besides my research for my master, I also worked in collaboration with Tehran Heart Clinic and used machine learning to order syncope patients. The results of my project have been published with name of “predicting serious outcomes in Syncope patients using data mining techniques” in the IEEE journal.
    I am hardworking and analytical and I like taking initiative. I am also interested in participating in other research projects, especially the one your lab is working on. Moreover, currently, I am working at Shariaty hospital as a researcher and I am a member of Golestan cohort. I am the AI researcher in this team for several projects in machine learning. We have a massive dataset in this project and I am working on cancer prevention and finding the risk factors, and I try to build models for risk assessment.
    I would like to draw your attention back to my enclosed recommendations and CV, which demonstrates my professional and academic history. If you need any additional information, you can reach me at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Kind regards,
    Mohammad Ordikhani

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