23 July, 2024

4 Best Scholarship In Europe For International Student (Fully Funded)

Europe has many countries that offer high-quality universities in many fields. Rich experiences await international students who wish to learn on this continent. In this article, we will analyze the best scholarships in Europe for international students.

One thing to keep in mind when planning your trip abroad, which can take more than a year, is the financial aspect of things.

Going to a foreign country, enjoying food, socializing with the locals, and attending prestigious universities can be a great experience. Most of the time, it can also be very expensive. For an international student to survive the trip successfully, one must consider the daily expenses of food, food, monthly rent, and travel costs.

And we are still not talking about the biggest expense on this trip, which is the tuition fees. Depending on your university, degree, and units, you may be seeing thousands of dollars per semester alone.

Unless you have a sponsor or extensive experience, you may need to apply for scholarships in Europe to help with your bills. Applying for these scholarships can be easy; All you need is the correct documentation and a bit of luck.

Europe is one of the main destinations for students from all over the world, so getting a scholarship can be complicated. It is, after all, a competitive scenario. These are some of the best scholarships offered in Europe that an international student can take advantage of.

The Best Scholarships In Europe

#1. DAAD Scholarship

As you have probably heard of this scholarship before, this scholarship in Europe is concentrated in Germany. The country is located in the heart of Europe and is a center of culture and arts throughout the continent. They are very open to international students and even encourage exchange programs with countries around the world.

Their scholarships generally go beyond school fees. They also provide students with funds for their travel expenses, purchases, and even medical insurance.

The best thing about DAAD scholarships is that they cover a lot of ground. Their programs are available for undergraduate students and those who attend graduate school. It is probably one of the best scholarships in Europe, so read more about this in the article that is linked!

#2. Swiss Government Grants

Switzerland is a great country to study in and Swiss scholarships are funded by the government and offer many more advantages than full tuition fees. They can also provide accommodation and assistance for daily expenses.

These grants in Europe are available, but they can be very selective and cover only specific areas. Swiss universities usually offer research and art scholarships. Another obstacle in their scholarships is that it is rare to offer undergraduate scholarships. They mainly cover doctorates and postdoctoral courses. This can be very useful for graduate students trying to strengthen their credentials. However, interested graduates can always apply for DAAD scholarships.

#3. Scholarship of the University of Amsterdam

Located in the capital of the Netherlands, the University of Amsterdam offers open scholarships for those who wish to study their teachers. Unfortunately, they do not offer their scholarship programs to undergraduate students. For those eligible, the scholarships include full courses, simple cash amounts, and additional incentives, such as daily living allowances.

#4. The University of Helsinki Scholarship

For those who see Finland as a possible destination, this may be for you. The University of Helsinki is one of the best schools on the entire continent. Studying here can help a lot when you enter the labor market. University scholarships cover only those who wish to study their master’s programs. His scholarships include full, partial, and even monetary incentives to help him with food and shopping while in the country.

So you want to study in Europe with scholarships?

As you can see, most of the scholarships offered by European countries revolve around postgraduate courses. This may not seem like good news for college students trying to get in the door, but don’t get discouraged. You can even do your own research at the universities you are looking at and see if they offer others for degree programs.

Another thing to consider when seeing Europe as a destination is the large number of languages ​​that exist in each country. For international students, this can be a very difficult obstacle, a requirement that can change your mind about everything. Having to study in a specific country, for example, Finland would probably require you to learn the local language to attend classes.

Of course, you can always check if English classes are offered at the university of your choice. But keep in mind that not all courses can offer English versions, which can be another obstacle.

If you need more help regarding the best study abroad program in Europe tell us in a comment.


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