23 July, 2024

University of Tokyo UTRIP Internship program In Japan 2023

Application is invited to apply for the University of Tokyo UTRIP Internship program In Japan 2023. This is a fully-funded 6 weeks paid internship program. There is No Application Fee & as well as No IELTS/TOEFL for the UTRIP internship in Japan.

The research will be conducted remotely and discussions will be held virtually using a web meeting system. Applicants enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program, an integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s degree program, or a Master’s program at a university outside of Japan are eligible to apply for a Japan internship.

If your university doesn’t issue an English version of your transcript, please arrange an English translation of its contents, such as program type, program length, and course titles you’ve taken, and submit the translation together with the original version of the transcript. 

University of Tokyo Internship 2023

  • Country: Japan
  • University: University of Tokyo
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: May 25, 2022

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Eligibility & Requirements

Be enrolled in natural science or a related field. Be thinking of pursuing long-term career goals in a scientific area. Be planning to commit to the entire program period.

Upon enrolling in the UTRIP Online program, students must agree to fulfill the following requirements:

To have a secure internet connection to conduct research remotely and to communicate interactively online. To participate in the project for the full program period.

To attend all academic events scheduled over the UTRIP Online program. To submit written research reports within the designated submission periods. To give an oral presentation on the scheduled day.

Financial Coverage

This is an application guide for UTRIP Online 2022. The research will be conducted remotely and discussions will be held virtually using a web meeting system.

Applicants will get a Participation certificate. You can communicate with the top researchers.

How To Apply

All required documents need to be uploaded onto the designated online application form for the laboratory of your choice. Please contact us if you have any technical difficulties.

Prior to submitting your application, make sure to review the Program Details & Research Descriptions to identify if the hosting lab and its research project fit your academic background and interests.

You are required to state general information in your profile. As we rely mainly on email to communicate with all applicants, please include a current email address on your application and be sure to promptly respond to all correspondence.

To Apply please visit the official notice of the University of Tokyo Internship Program.

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