28 May, 2024

Easiest Country To Get Scholarships For University | Student Opinion

We as the OpportunityPOrtal team find the university every day that offers scholarships and other opportunities to international students. We publish scholarships, fellowships, exchange programs, and so many other opportunities. A few days ago we conducted a survey to know what international students think about which country scholarship is easiest to get.

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Student Opinion#1

China is the easiest to apply these days. The Chinese Government and universities provide fully funded scholarships to international students. These scholarships cover all your costs of staying and studying in China.


Student Opinion#2

The United Arab Emirates and Malaysia are two countries that are investing heavily in developing their higher education systems. As such, many universities in these countries are young, and in desperate need of students to remain profitable.

Hence, they are more liberal when it comes to handing out scholarships to international students. If you are looking for scholarships to the UAE, Malaysia, or any other country, check out a free app called Lock&Stock, which connects students with scholarships and fee waivers to hundreds of universities around the world.

Craig Fernandes

Student Opinion#3

No doubt, Germany is one of the best countries for study and they do provide scholarships as well as living expenses much more easily as compared to other countries. You can apply to any college of your choice and get selected on the basis of your marks, achievements, etc.

The infrastructure of Germany is also very suitable for studies. Hence, the reason why it is recommended for studies. You can always check other countries like China, Australia, the UK, and more in order to get a suitable university for you.

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They are experienced in this field and have many success stories. They will do their best to make sure you don’t face difficulties in any process. Do check them out.

Also, the UniComparison feature of UniRely helps you get the best universities from the globe as per your needs and criteria. Happy Journey!!


Student Opinion#4

I don’t know which level are you talking about. Almost all universities offer scholarships. Germany, Finland, Austria, and Norway have already free education.

Therefore, finding scholarships in these countries will be a little difficult. Some universities do offer scholarships but they are hardly 1 or 2 in number.

As per my knowledge, in Europe, only Hungary, Switzerland and UK offer stat-sponsored scholarships. Scholarships in other countries of Europe are mostly project-based, which means you’ll be part of a project, your stipend will come from the funding of the project. The country or the university does not have anything to do with your stipend.

Hungary offers Hungary Government scholarships. Education in Switzerland is cheap but it also offers Swiss Government-sponsored scholarships.

They are extremely well-paid. PhDs in Switzerland are paid 80+k USD per year. England offers a lot of scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth scholarships, Rhodes scholarships, etc.

Italy does not have a state-sponsored general field-free scholarship but almost all their universities offer a good number of scholarships.

Asad Ali 

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