29 May, 2024

How to Score Good Marks in Exams | How to Become a Topper

How to get good marks in exams in less time? or How to score good marks in exams with minimum study? What are Simple Ways to Get Higher Marks in Exams? These are some question student always ask and want the answer to.

What are the simplest ways to get good grades on board exams? This is a very simple and common question that occurs primarily in the minds of all students, and students who are magnetized by books are likely to worry about good grades in each subject.

This article is about how to get good grades on board exams, it means that you are covering all subjects and, in general, you are trying to enter the list of merits or less than 10 students. It is not easy to enter the list of merits or be among the top 20 students. You have to sacrifice many things.

How To Get Good Marks In Exams a Short Time

These tips and tricks are really useful, and after researching more than 500 students, we discover that if an average student follows these tips, they will definitely get more than 90% on any exam on the board. Students preparing for the board exam or any other exams should know all these tips and keep them in mind.

Before writing my opinion in this article, we have several questions, and one of them that is really more important than,

Can An Average Student Get 90% + in Exam?

can I? Yes, you can, because “nothing is impossible”. If an abnormal child can become a talented star like Hrithik Roshan, everything is possible. But there are some rules that must be followed to make this impossible, possible.

Impossible is the combination of “I am possible.” Therefore, keep working hard for your ambitions and follow all the steps below to get good grades on board exams.

#1. Time management

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Time is the killer. An idea is that “if you don’t care about time, time will never give you the opportunity to take care of what you need.” This simple moment is one of the most dangerous things you should take care of.

Make a chart for your daily routine and give your study the maximum time. Suppose you spend 6 hours in your bed and rest 18 hours in preparation for the exam.

The best time for students in the board class.

A student is never pressured to win or other family matters. You are a student, so devote maximum time to your study.

Your daily routine should be: wake up at four o’clock, take 15 minutes to cool off and have a cup of tea/coffee. Then open your book and study for up to 7 hours.

Then, take a morning walk, which is important, and then have breakfast until 8 am. If you are at home, pick up your notes on other subjects again and start practicing. Do not study more than two hours in a row, take a break in the middle.

Around 1 pm, have lunch and then take a nap for 45 minutes. On the other hand, get ready for exam preparation.

At night, you must go with your friends to entertain yourself or perform physical activities.

Then, around 7 am, start your study and order your restaurant before 9 am. After dinner, you should check all the things you read all day.

Go to bed before 10 in the morning and check the table the next day.

#2. Eat Good Food and Drinking more water

Healthy foods, water, and juice are rich in energy and protein, which helps the brain to work fast and also remember what you studied.

70% of your brain is full of water, so you should know the importance of water. Drink water regularly and drink more than 2 liters a day.

Good food will help you focus on your studies and will also make you physically strong. Which is really important according to the exams. Once you have a fever, your grades from 20 to 30 will be lower in each subject and you will face a great loss.

#3. Meditation for 30 minutes

Make a hobby of doing meditation. In the first 2 weeks you will feel useless, but after realizing the benefits of meditation. You will become habitual.

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We received some questions from our students, one of which was: Sir, I cannot concentrate on my studies when I sit at the table, and, after a few minutes, I realize that my mind is diverting to other things. Every time I try to concentrate on studying, useless thoughts disturb me. So please help us.

For these students, we only have one solution and it is meditation, and you will focus on your study. Meditate regularly for 30 minutes in a quiet place and see the result.

#4. Take a nap and sleep well

Relaxation! Rest gives us pleasure and one of the most pleasant things is to sleep while you are tired. Students study all day and worry about exams. They should not worry about the exam. Students should take a nap or take a break between long-term studies.

Do not study continuously for more than 2 hours, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes between your study, this will help you remember what you have learned.

Sleep is the best experience for anyone, but our parents think it is time for the exam, so you should not sleep for more than 4 hours.

I heard people scolding their children for not sleeping before 11 p.m. and waking up at 3 a.m. This is not good for your health and you must pay for it if you do. Sleep 6 full hours and this relaxation will help you get good grades.

#5. Test yourself

Challenge your means, set goals to do things ahead of time, and do better over time. Suppose you have 30% in the first term, improve yourself and get 50% in the second term. So work hard and you will receive 95% on the final exam.

You will not succeed until you have the ambition to pursue it. Increase your performance day by day and this will only happen when you study and follow these steps regularly.

#6. Find your weakness

This is important from the point of view of the exams, so you don’t neglect your weakness, be it a topic, a chapter, or a subject.

Suppose you are weak in math, obviously this will scare you and ignore how much you get. But stop ignoring these issues, because in five there will be a topic or chapter that is out of your mind or you will get bored.

So, find your weakness and work on it, I hope you heard.

#7. Plan your study

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Make your study plan and include all subjects and do not leave anyone. For a day, devote a few hours to specific topics, or issues that are difficult for you to schedule early in the morning.

Then, punctuation and an interesting topic are left out during the day, while you get bored with your studies, you choose an interesting topic and do not waste your important time. Don’t forget to take a nap in the middle.

Proofreading is important, learn today and review tomorrow. This key will make it successful and will help you get a good grade on the exam. Do not forget to mark topics and easy topics. Sometimes, students rely more on some subjects and, in the end, find the worst role of the same subject with sad faces.

#8. The Group Study Will Help

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Obviously, this will help you if you are studying in a group. No one is perfect and nobody knows everything. So describe your answer to your friends and listen to their answers too.

Then you will know what was wrong and what is right. Take your mistakes and keep them in mind. Make improvements to your answer if you think you missed something by answering.

Watch a video on that topic that is not clear to you. Audio, video, and infographics will help a lot.

#9. Stay Away From Social Networks

One of the disturbing elements is the cell phone and the second is Facebook or WhatsApp you are using on it. It’s time to say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Messenger applications.

Time is also important if you are sharing notes and everything. So, there is a better option than asking your mom, dad, or brother for the phone and doing your job.

Because when the phone reaches your hand, time will kill you and you will see the wall after two hours. So avoid these things.

#10. Teaching others is always the best

Reserve a day of your daily routine and go with your friends, and teach them what you have learned. And believe that this is the best method to review and memorize too.

Your concept will become clearer when you teach someone else.

If you think there is no one around you and you cannot teach anybody, sit in front of a mirror and try to understand yourself in the mirror.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions about the subject or cannot study in this way, leave your question.

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