23 July, 2024

5 Free and Low Tuition Fees Czech Republic Universities + Czech Scholarships

Heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a great destination for an international student to study at the Czech Republic University. Cheap tuition fees, low living costs, the standard of education, and beautiful place this is some of the reasons why international student choose to study in the Czech Republic. With more than 62000 international students, the Czech republic university is a favorite destination in the world for studying abroad.

That’s the reason we decide to create an article on the Czech Republic university application process and you choose the best university with low tuition fees. This article will explain the low tuition fees of universities in the Czech Republic for international students and what is the living cost and how expensive is Czech Republic universities.

How Expensive Is It to Study in the Czech Republic?

The cost of education in the Czech Republic depends on your chosen language of the program. Public universities in the Czech Republic are free for everyone regardless of nationality but if your study program is in Czech languages, even for international students who belong from outside the European Union.

If students wish to study in an English program then they have to pay tuition fees, Rate of tuition fees depends on the program you select and the university where you want to study. We will cover the tuition fees detailed below and a list of Low-tuition fees universities in the Czech Republic. Some universities in the Czech don’t charge any tuition fees even if you choose the English language program.

In addition, Czech Republic universities also offer short-term Czech language courses to international students to learn Czech leagues and talk effectively outside the classroom. This is maybe optionally for some fields like medicine.

Student Living costs in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic country is an affordable country in the European Union for international students. The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (CZK). Many universities have their own residential quarters for the student which are much cheaper than any private accommodation. These cost around 100 to 250 USD.

If the student wants to live outside residential quarters then you pay 13,500 CZK (around 600 USD) for one bedroom in the city center, but in the populated area, you can get a room for 10,000 CZK (around 450 USD). Czech universities also give identification cards and with this card, you can get a discount on restaurants, museums, parks, etc.

During the holidays you can explore the impressive city of Prague or visit other European countries! The Czech Republic is in central Europe, so visiting countries like Germany, Poland, Austria, or Slovakia will only take a few hours.

Low Tuition Fee Universities in the Czech Republic

#1. Charles University Prague

Charles University, also known as Charles University in Prague or the University of Prague. This is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic founded in 1348. It was ranked 203 as the best university in the world by QS University ranking. You can also check the Tuition fees and Scholarships of Charles University.

Charles University Prague has 19 faculties, two institutes, and one research center. Charles University offers bachelor, master, and doctoral programs in Czech as well as English, Russian, German, and French. As per the university program, international student chooses more than 372 English courses.

Tuition fees for the English program at Charles University are up to 15,700 USD but many English programs are much cheaper. You can check other English program costs on the official university site.

Charles University Scholarship for International Students

The government of the Czech Republic offers many fully funded scholarships to international students to study in the Czech Republic. Check the list of Charles University scholarships below.

#2. Palacký University Olomouc

Palacký University is the oldest university in Moravia and the second oldest university in the Czech Republic founded in 1573. Palacký University has a great reputation in the Czech Republic and is also called Oxford of the Czech Republic. This low-tuition fees university in the Czech Republic for international students has 8 faculty a more than 400-degree program. More than 25000 student graduate every year from Palacký University of which 5.7% are international students around the world.

The tuition fees of Palacký University will depend on choose of faculty. For example tuition fees of law faculty up to 2500 euros per year. If you need financial help, Palacký University offers many fully funded scholarships in the Czech Republic and there is also accommodation for international students.

Palacký University Scholarship for International Students

#3. Czech Technical University of Prague (CTU)

The Czech Technical University of Prague (CTU) is one of the largest universities in Prague, Czech Republic. CTU has 8 faculties, a 200-degree program, and more than 20000 international students currently studying in CTU. The languages of the CTU degree program are Czech, Russian, and English. CTU has many research centers, publishing houses, and many libraries.

Tuition fees at the Czech Technical University of Prague depend on choose of the study program, for example, the mechanical engineering program tuition fees are $ 4,400 per year. Check the Tuition fees of the Czech Technical University of Prague. CTU also offers many scholarships for international students to study in Czech.

The Czech Technical University of Prague Scholarship For International Students.

#4. Masaryk University

Masaryk University is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic founded in 1919. Masaryk University universities include one of those universities that received many medals and international awards for important experiments and discoveries. Masaryk University has 9 facilities, and a more than 600 degree program for bachelor, master, and doctoral programs. Program languages at Masaryk University are Czech, English, and German.

The tuition fees of the University of Masaryk are varying from program to program for example 2200 euros to 3500 euros for years. However, the program taught in the Czech language is totally free. Check Other program tuition fees at Masaryk University.

Masaryk University Scholarship and Financial Aids

#5. Brno University of Technology

The Brno University of Technology is located in Brno, Czech Republic, and was founded in 1899. This low-tuition fees university ranked 651 in the QS university ranking. Brno University has 8 faculties and more than 60-course programs taught in Czech and English.

Brno University of Technology tuition fees vary according to student citizenship and choice of program. Normally university tuition fees range between 1500 euros to 4000 euros. For admissions, click here to read about the application procedures.

The Brno University of Technology Scholarship

Czech Republic Government Scholarship For International Studen.

I hope that this article on the Low tuition fee and cheap universities in the Czech Republic was helpful. If you have any questions please tell us a comment.

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