28 May, 2024

2000+ Taiwan Scholarships For International Students (Fully Funded)

Taiwan, China, has one of the most diverse cultures in the world, with many educational opportunities available. Whether you have just finished high school or are looking to pursue a Bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in your field, various Taiwan institutions and the Ministry of Education offer a variety of Taiwan scholarships for international students from abroad to study in Taiwan.

Scholarships help reduce student debt as well as gain real-world experience that you can use on your resumes. Continuing your education will help you progress in the world of business and commerce. Studying abroad presents unique opportunities for college students: Students not only learn new languages ​​and cultures, but also broaden their experience in different companies, work cultures, and problem-solving.

 The Scholarships in Taiwan for Foreign Students to Undertake Bachelor, Master/MPhil & Ph.D. Degrees in all fields. Scholarships are available in every field of Science, Arts, Engineering, Management, etc.

Taiwan Scholarship For International Students

  • Universities: Taiwan Universities
  • Course Level: Masters, PhD
  • No.of Scholarships: 2,000
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Varies from University to University

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1) National Taiwan University (QS Rank # 66)

NTU has many scholarships available for prospective students that can be applied for along with submitting your application.

The government of Taiwan, other organizations, and your respective colleges also provide scholarships for international students. Being offered a scholarship does not guarantee admission to NTU and vice versa

Website Link: Official Source

2) National Tsing Hua University Scholarship (QS Rank # 168)

International students are eligible to apply for different scholarships or financial support. Scholarships may come from different sources, such as NTHU, government institutions, and private organizations. Please follow the steps and processes required for a particular scholarship program. 

Website Link: Official Source

3) National Cheng Kung University (QS Rank # 234)

Website Link: Official Source

4) National Chiao Tung University (QS Rank # 240)

Website Link: Official Source

5) National Taiwan University of Science & Technology

Website Link: Official Source

6) National Yang-Ming University (QS Rank # 298)

The scholarship maximum offered periods: 4 years for undergraduate students, 2 years for master’s students, and years for Ph.D. students.

Website Link: Official Source

7) National Taiwan Normal University ((QS Rank # 331)

Website Link: Official Source

8) Taipei Medical University (QS Rank# 387)

Taiwan Adventist International School brings American-style high school education to central Taiwan. The core of our education is to help students reach their full potential and prepare them for study abroad. 

English, mathematics, natural sciences, and social studies all meet the standards of the American education curriculum and are taught entirely in English. 

Website Link: Official Source

9) National Sun Yat-Sen University ( QS Rank# 416)

New students admitted in the fall semester will receive stipends from September to July of the following year; New students admitted in the spring semester will receive them from February to January of the following year. Stipends will be transferred on the 20th of every month.

Website Link: Official Source

10) National Central University ( QS Rank# 465)

NCU provides a full-scale scholarship for international students to study at our University, including a monthly stipend and tuition & credit fee waiver.

On average, NCU Master’s Students will receive NT$6,000-NT$10,000 and Ph.D. students will receive NT$10,000-NT$15,000 per month and tuition & credit fee waiver; however, it differs from department/institute.

Website Link: Official Source

11) National Taipei University of Technology (QS Rank # 488)

Scholarships can be renewed based on academic performance in the previous year. 

Website Link: Official Source

12) Chang Gung University ( QS Rank # 493)

Number of places:25

 The award (based on a 2-year maximum) includes:

An amount equivalent to the tuition and miscellaneous fees or credit fees

Free on-campus accommodation

Monthly stipend: NT$6,000

Extra scholarship for outstanding students up to NT$12,000 per month

Website Link: Official Source

13) National Chengchi University (QS Rank # 581-590)

Website Link: Official Source

14) National Chung Hsing University (QS Rank# 601-650)

Website Link: Official Source

15) Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) (QS Rank # 651-700)

Applicants who are interested in the KMU International Student Scholarship should apply while simultaneously fulfilling the online application form. Every type of stipend includes different allowances as below:

Type A: NTD 200,000~260,000 per year (monthly stipend, accommodation coverage, and tuition fee are included)

Type B: NTD 80,000~140,000 per year (accommodation coverage and tuition fee are included)

Type C: NTD 70,000~80,000 per year (tuition fee)

Undergraduate students can only apply for Type C, Master’s students can apply for Type B and Type C, and Ph.D. students can apply for all types of scholarships. Failure to follow the instructions above may affect the result of the application.

Website Link: Official Source

16) National Chung Cheng University (QS Rank # 701-750)

Website Link: Official Source

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Financial Coverage

Now, are you interested in Studying Free Studies in Taiwan? Excellent opportunity for those students who dream of studying in Taiwan. Subsequent expenses will be covered.

  • No registration or participation fee. (In some universities there is an application fee)
  • Full college fee
  • 6,000 TWD / month for about 12 months.
  • Monthly scholarship for masters and doctoral students.

Eligibility Criteria

All eligible candidates must meet the following criteria to benefit from the scholarship:

Applicants must be international or from mainland China. You must be in good health.

Applicants cannot be recipients of other scholarships at the same time.

Applicants must complete the application correctly, and honestly, and complete and submit application materials as required by the university.

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