26 May, 2024

Study in France: Scholarship, Low Tuition Universities, Study Visa Requirement

Studying in France is one of the world’s most popular study-abroad destinations. Read below to find out why so many international students choose to study in France and what to do next if you want to join them.

If you want to visit France or want to study abroad in France as a student, read on to find out about the Best french universities for the international student, the Best student cities in France, How to apply in France, french fully funding scholarships & Grants, France student visa and other requirements.

Many international students consider France the best place to study in the world. It’s legendary food, and wine, to the spectacular landscape, think of rugged mountains and lush forests, golden beaches and blue seas, pastures and powerful rivers, everyone has their own idealized idea of ​​France.

According to the United Nations, and the World Tourism Organization France is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Perhaps your personal image of France implies his proud intellectual and artistic heritage. After all, this is the nation that has produced thinkers like René Descartes and Jean-Paul Sartre, authors such as Marcel Proust and Albert Camus, and filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard and Jean Renoir, Claude Monet, and Paul Cezanne.

In addition, France can produce a series of scientists, mathematicians, and other researchers whose names maybe not be familiar but their achievements are spectacular.

Best France Universities For International Students

France’s strong academic and artistic tradition continues in modern days, aided by the fact that there are few countries that invest so much in research and education. The world university classifications reflect this. A total of 35 French universities are included in the QS World University Rankings 2019, of which 11 are among the 300 best in the world.

The two best universities in the country, Université PSL and Ecole Polytechnique are the 70 best in the world in positions 50 and 65, respectively. consolidating its reputation as two of the leading institutions in Europe and the world.

There are three low-tuition Fees public universities in France for international students including the University of Orleans, the University of Strasbourg, and the University of Burgundy.

Low Tuition fees public universities in France:

#1. University of Orleans

The University of Orleans is a French university located in Orleans. In July 2015, he is a member of the Leonardo da Vinci Consolidated University Regional University Association. Orleans university is the lowest tuition fees university in France as well as in Europe.

The University of Orleans tuition fees ranges from tuition fees: 170 – 601 EUR/year for international student. If you want to study in France with low tuition fees this is the best option for you.

#2. University of Strasbourg

The University of Strasbourg located in Strasbourg, Alsace, France, is a university in France with more than 52,000 students and almost 3,300 researchers. Strasbourg University is a public institution of higher education with a scientific, cultural and professional vocation in France with the most affordable tuition fees for international students.

The University of Strasbourg promotes innovation and positions itself for future excellence in education and research. The University of Strasbourg tuition fees for an international student are 184 – 610 EUR/year.

#3. University of Burgundy

The University of Burgundy is located in western Dijon, called the Montmuzard Campus, about 15 minutes by tram from the city center. The humanities and sciences subjects are offered on Burgundy university’s main campus, along with law, medicine, history, and literature in separate buildings.

The Institute of Technology (IUT) is also on campus, offering high-level master’s degrees in business, biology, communications, and computer science.

The university has 10 colleges, 4 engineering schools, 3 technology institutes that offer undergraduate programs, and 2 professional institutes that offer postgraduate programs. Burgundy University is also a low-tuition fee university for international students ranging from 170 – 601 EUR/year.

Tuition Fees In France For International Students

The French government recently announced that it will start charging higher fees for non-EU / EEA students starting a new course in September 2019. Current students and Ph.D. students are not affected, with these students who continue to pay the same rates as EU / EEA students. The annual tuition fees to study in France are:

EU/EEA and Swiss students:

  • €170/year for undergraduate degrees
  • €243/year for Graduate degrees
  • €380/year for a Doctoral

Non-EU/EEA students:

  • €2,770 (~US$3,100)/year for undergraduate degrees
  • €3,770 (~US$4,240)/year for Graduate degrees
  • €380 (~US$430)/year for Doctoral

French Scholarship & Funding For International Student

The French government, through the French Agency for Foreign Education (AEFE) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Relations, supports international student mobility by offering fully funded french scholarships to students with excellent academic backgrounds.

These France scholarships allow the best non-EU students from French schools abroad to have a higher education degree in France. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 5 years and up to the Master 2 level or equivalent. Below is the list of France’s fully funded scholarships for international students.

#1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

The Effiel excellence scholarship program was initiated by the french ministry of education and french foreign affair to allow french higher institutions to attract international students from all around the world to study in France.

This is a fully-funded French government scholarship for a foreign student. The required age for a master’s degree is 35 years and for Ph.D. degree 40 years.

Scholarship Link:

#2. Emile Boutmy Science Po Scholarship

Sciences Po university in France offers a full financing scholarship for an international student who is interested to obtain a Bachelor’s, Master & Ph.D. degree in France. Science Po university offers almost all fields of study to foreign students.

The duration of the Science PO bachelor scholarship is 3 years, the Master scholarship 2 years, and a doctoral scholarship in France for 3 years.

Scholarship Link:

Applications and student visas for France

The application process and French study visa requirements to study in France will depend on whether you are an EU applicant or outside of Europe. Students from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein receive the same treatment as EU students in this case.

France VISA Application For International Student

How To Apply For a French Student Visa?

The French Student visa application is vary depending on whether you belong to 31 countries in which the CEF procedure is. If you are from one of these countries), you must use the CEF online application system.

If you don’t belong to these countries, you need to submit the application form to your home country’s french embassy befor applying to one or more french universities. The way you submit your application will depend on your previous qualifications and where you apply.

Once accepted by a French institution, you must apply for a visa, which also includes a residence permit, called VLS-TS. This is valid for one year at a time. To obtain a French student visa, you must submit a completed application form with all required documents.

When you arrive in France, you need to contact the French Immigration and Integration (OFFI) officer for a medical examination.

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