26 May, 2024

Canada Study Visa: How To Apply For Visa, Requirement, Process – Candian Study Permit

A study permit or student visa is required for an international student who wishes to obtain a degree in Canada. In other words, Study permits are always required for studying abroad.

The student visa allows the foreign student to study in Canada and visa application fees for Canada are $150. So, how to apply for a Canada visa? To answer this question what is Canada’s study visa requirement and process please read the below guideline.

Remember only a Canada study permit will not allow you to enter Canada you also required Electronic Travel Authorization along with your study permit.

Canadian study permit also allows an international student to work part-time in Canada usually up to 20 hours per week. In this article, we cover the Canada Student Visa Requirements, Process, and Costs.

What is the Canadian Study Permit Process?

Want to study in Canada? but don’t know what is the process for a Canada study visa. Read the below process of the Canada visa application.

  • First, receive an admission letter or an offer letter from a Canadian-designated educational institution (DLI).
  • Apply for a Canadian study permit online or download the application package.
  • Pay the study permit fees and keep the receipt
  • Get a complete medical application checkup from a physician from your home country.
  • Wait and receive a decision on your visa application from the Canadian embassy.

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Direct Student Stream Canada

What is the Direct student stream? Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a study permit processing program in Canada for those who apply to study in Canada at a designated education institution (DLI).

Residence in some countries can apply for Canada Direct student stream to get their Visa permits faster.

Students can submit a Direct Student Stream if they are legal residents of one of the below countries. This process is much faster than the regular study permit process. If you belong to SDS countries we recommend you use this process for your Canada visa.

Student Direct Stream Countries List:

  • China
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • the Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Vietnam

SDS Canada requirements

  • Provide a copy of the acceptance letter from the Canadian institute or Canadian Designated Learning Institution
  • Medical checkup form
  • Prove you have obtained a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000.

Canadian Visas for Students Spouse

If you have children under the age of 18 or spouses who come with you during your study program in Canada, they are also able to require to apply for a Canada visa.

Your spouse can apply for an Open Work Permit, which will be valid for the same period as the duration of your study program.

This type of Canadian permit allows them to arrive in Canada without having any job, also this permit gives them the opportunity to work in Canada during their time in Canada.

If your child joins you during your studies in Canada, the child can come as a visitor provided there is evidence of their study program and study permit.

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Canada Student Visa Requirements

You must prepare all the required documents for your Canada student visa application. Finances are another important factor this helps the Canadian government whether a study permit is grant to you or not.

The Canadian government must be able to see are you financially support yourself during your study in Canada, whether with your savings or a sponsor such as your parent or guardian.

In general, you will need the following documents to apply for a Canadian study permit:

  • Admission offer letter from DLI.
  • Result of medical checkup and Canadian policy check.
  • Two passport-size Personal photos.
  • Proof you can financially support yourself during your stay in Canada.
  • The student is also required to provide biometric data. For this, you can visit the visa application center in your home country.

What To Do if Canada Student Visa is Rejected

If you are denied a study permit, you will be informed of the reasons why your application was rejected. You can request your study permit at any time, however, you must provide additional information to cover the reason you were denied.

Canadian study permits can often be denied due to a lack of information on how you will finance your studies and housing expenses while in Canada, so be sure to cover this with your or your sponsor’s bank account statements.

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