13 April, 2024

Top 7 Countries To Study Abroad In Europe For International Students

There are many attractive and affordable countries in Europe to study abroad. Every year thousands of international student comes to Europe to obtain a higher education degree at European universities. Not only that students can visit neighboring European countries very easily.

Here is our pick top 7 places to study abroad in Europe, now it is up to you to which country you choose for your next study abroad destination.

Best Places To Study Abroad In Europe For International Students

In this list of European countries, we discuss some best and top universities in Europe for foreign students. Also, highlight some incredible features of these countries for studying abroad.

#1. Study In Germany

Germany is one of the best places for an international student to study abroad in Europe. Especially when you try to save your money because there are no tuition fees in German public universities for national as well as international students.

All you have to do to pay very low administrative fees which are charged by every semester. Germany is a house of some of the best universities in Europe and also around the world such as the Technical University of Munich and Humboldt University.

German universities almost offered all academic fields from computer science to engineering, physics, chemistry, natural science, medicine, and business economics.

If you are interested to study free at German universities you must have knowledge of german languages because bachelor’s programs in English are rare in german universities. However, you can find lots of master’s programs taught in English.

Not only that german government also offer one of the world’s best fully funded scholarship for international student which is the DAAD scholarship.

#2. Study In France

France is the home of the world’s best universities and France’s top 10 universities include in the 2019 QS universities world ranking. However, the majority of the academic course is taught in french languages but there is more than 1000 course available that are taught in English.

France is also included in those countries that offer low tuition fees and high-quality education to foreign students. You can find more than 100 France schools that have very low tuition fees in Europe and spend your money on exploring France and Europe while studying abroad.

France is als very popular in the tourist community due to its beautiful cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, and Montpellier. France’s top best universities for international students include cole Normale Supérieure, Pierre and Marie Curie University, and Sciences Po. France also offers many fully-funded scholarships such as the Science Po university scholarship and the french government Effiel scholarship program.

#3. Study In Spain

Like many other countries in Europe Spain is also a top study-abroad destination for international students. Spain has some very prestigious universities with very low tuition fees for foreign students. Compared to studying in the USA and the Uk Spain offer very affordable tuition fees to international student.

Choose smaller cities in Spain for your next study abroad destination because they are much more affordable for living expenses compared to bigger cities like Madrid.

However, if you have enough money to stay in Madrid then there are very popular schools and universities that offer all courses to an international student. Some of the top universities in Spain include Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universitat de Barcelona.

#4. Study In Italy

Itlay is another popular place to stud abroad. In the 2015 academic year, more than 33500 international students come to Itlay for higher education more than in the USA. Itlay is the home of some of the largest and oldest universities in Europe.

Not all Itlay universities offer a program in English still there are a number of schools present that offer full programs taught in English. Some of the popular cities in Italy include Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Throughout Itlay, you can find more than 92 universities along with many short-term schools and institutions. An international student who wants to study in Italy found almost offer all academic courses including science and technology, engineering, medicine, etc. However, Italy is a little bit expensive compared to other European countries.

#5. Study In Sweden

Believe it or not, you may find a Ph.D. level education free at universities if you belong from the USA. There are many universities in Sweden that taught in English and you have the chance to receive a scholarship from the Sweden government.

Sweden is one of those countries you spend more on education and provide high standard education facilities to national and international students. Sweden universities ranked very high In the QS university world ranking.

Some of the world’s top Sweden universities are Uppsala University, Lund University, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Sweden universities and governments also award a scholarship to the international student every year. If you plan to study abroad in Sweden don’t forget to check Sweden’s government scholarship for international students.

#6. Study In Norway

Norway’s universities are tuition-free for local and international students. However, there are some conditions to studying free in Norway first there are some specialized courses that charge tuition fees, and second private universities of Norway are not free. Also living cost in Norway is more expensive than in any other European Union country.

Noway is a well-developed country with a beautiful landscape and zero crime rate making it the first choice for an international student to study abroad in Norway. Norway universities offer more than 250 bachelor’s programs and 250 master’s programs in English to all over the world student.

Some of the well-known universities in Norway are the University of Oslo and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

#7. Study In Finland

Public universities of Finland offer tuition fees for education to EU students and since 2015 charge tuition fees to international students. However, the tuition fees of Norway universities are very low compared to other countries. As an international student if you study in Finland or Swedish languages you don’t have to pay tuition fees.

Finland is famous a very its high-quality education and world-leading research institution around the world. Some of the famous universities in Norway are the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The most affordable cities for an international student to live in Finland are Tampere, Pori, and Laaperanta.

No matter which country you choose to study abroad but one thing is definitely you must enjoy the incredible experience while studying abroad. If you have any questions or want more help regarding studying abroad tell us in a comment.

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