14 June, 2024

10 Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE (or Almost Free)

If you read our previous post you know which German universities offer tuition fees for education to international students. Now this time we will cover the whole of Europe and explain which European union countries provide tuition-free master’s degrees to foreign students. There are many countries in Europe that award tuition-free master’s degrees.

Most international student wants to study in Europe but due to financial problem, they are not able to get a higher degree. That is why we dedicate this post to that excellent student that wants to study abroad in Europe and wishes to obtain a tuition-free master’s degree.

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on 31 October 2019, As such united kingdom still studies in Europe free until the end of 2021. The most important thing to note in this post, all countries are free for EU students only except Norway, Iceland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, which offer free master’s degrees or tuition-free master’s degrees all over the world student.

Disclaimer:  The information provided in this post only applies to public universities. Private universities in Europe charge tuition fees for domestic and foreign students.

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Completely Tuition-Free Countries In Europe

This section will cover only those countries that are completely free and does not charge any tuition fees even administrative fee. Additionally, Norway and the Czech public are the only European countries that don’t charge any tuition fees all around the world student.

Of course, tuition fees are not the only cost while studying abroad you have to pay for accommodation, living expenses, health, and medical insurance. But it’s not a big thing to worry about because there are many scholarships available to cover these costs.

#1. Norway

Norway is the only well-known country in the European region that does not charge any tuition fees to any student whether the student is local or international. Norway also has one of the best university and provide the world’s best education to all over the world student. Norway always is the number #1 place when we talk about tuition-free countries.

Free For Who: Everyone (Local As well as International Students)

Admin Fees: None

#2. Denmark

Demark offer a free master’s degree to EU and Denmark student while all international student must have to pay tuition fees. However, Denmark charges very low tuition fees to foreign students. Some of the Denmark universities hold top positions in the QS world universities ranking.

As international student applicants still have the chance to obtain a free master’s degree if the candidate shows proof of the Danish language.

Free For Who: EU & Denmark Student

Admin Fees: None

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#3. Czech Republic

Nows day over 37000 international student study in the Czech Republic in English taught the program. If you learn the Czech republic languages you have the opportunity to study for free in the Czech Republic.

Master programs in Czech languages are free for everyone however if you want a degree in English, french, or german taught programs you have to pay fees. Czech republic public universities have a good ranking and are known for quality education around Europe.

Free For Who: Everyone (Local As well as International Students)

Admin fees: None

#4. Germany

The study in Germany is the first option for every international student. Public universities in Germany don’t charge any tuition fees to any domestic or foreign student. The only public university in Germany that charges tuition fees up to €1,500 per semester is Baden-Wuerttemberg university.

However, all students are required to pay small administrative fees every semester. The costs vary from university to university but this cost is usually between €50 and €250. This administrative cost cover registration and union membership fees.

Free For Who: Everyone (Local As well as International Students)

Admin Fees: €50 and €250 Per Semester

#5. Iceland

There are a total of seven universities in Iceland of which four are public universities and three are private. The University of Iceland is the largest public university in Iceland. The course is taught in English in Iceland.

As a matter of fact, there are very few public universities still that don’t charge any tuition fees for master’s degrees regardless of nationality. It does matters which place you come to study in Iceland. However, all local and international students are required to pay a small amount for registration charged per year.

Free For Who: Everyone (Local As well as International Students)

Admin Fees: €550 Per year

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Cheapest Low Tuition Fees Countries

These below country charge tuition fees for all students however these tuition fees are very low which means everyone can afford this fee.

#1. France

Tuition fees in France’s public universities are very low and they charge €243 per year and which makes it one of the cheapest tuition fees country in Europe.

The low tuition fees are only applicable to EU/EEA students however international also take benefit from this low tuition if they study in the French language. Applicants are required to pay their living and accommodation expenses themselves.

Tuition fees: €243 per year

#2. Belgium

Public Universities in Belgium charge very low tuition fees if your studies in Dutch and French taught the course. The tuition fees in public universities are €900 per year for EU and Non-EU applicants. However, living costs in Belgium are relatively high compared to other European countries.

So if you have any future plans to study in Belgium make sure you have enough money to stay in Belgium while studying.

Tuition fees: €900 per year

#3. Austria

Master’s degrees in Austria is not free but tuition fees are very low for international student. For EU students tuition fees are almost zero while Non-EU/EEA student tuition fees are in the range of <1000 Euro per semester.

Some of the top cheapest universities in Austria for international students include the University of Vienna, the Medical University of Vienna, and the University of Innsbruck.

Tuition Fees For International Students: <1000 Euro per semester

#4. Greece

Studying in Greece is also free for EU students however international students are required to pay small tuition fees for a semester.

Some of Cheapest Greece’s public universities are the University Of Athens, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the National Technical University of Athens.

Tuition Fees: <800 Euro per semester

This is a complete list of those countries that offer Tuition-free master’s degrees for international students. If you need any additional information please tell us in a comment.

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