15 August, 2022

Finland Study Visa: How To Apply For Residence Permit, Requirement, Process

A Non-EU/EEA or international student who wishes to study in Finland or wants to stay in Finland but is not a Finnish citizen required a study visa or residence permit to stay in Finland. However Finnish student visa and residence work permit are two different thing and required different documents.

A Finnish study visa is a short-term permit issue to an international student who wants to obtain a short course in Finland public or private universities. Normally Finnish student visa grants for 90 days ( Maximum 3 months)

A Finland study visa is suitable for those international students who plan to take short-term courses in Finland. on the other hand, Finland’s residence permits are best for those who want to pursue higher education such as bachelor, master, and doctoral.

Finland’s visa cost is 360 euros and the visa renewal cost also applies. International student for higher education in Finland required residence permits. If you belong to EU countries you don’t need to required a residence permit but you need to register for residence which costs is €54 euros.

How To Get Finland Residence Permit

The first thing your Finnish residence permit is granted for only one or two years, but you may need to renew your permit depanding on the duration of your study in Finland.

  • Complete your application: Gather all required documents for Finland’s residence permit and submit your application online or paper.
  • Book an appointment by visiting the Finnish embassy in your home country or consulate.
  • Pay the application cost online or when you visit Finland immigration service.
  • Attend your appointment prove yourself and show all the required documents or you already submitted on the online application.
  • Wait for Finnish embassy decision on your application usually it takes between 1 to 3 months. Finnish authority will contact you when they make a decision on your application.
  • If the Finnish government grant you residence permit then collect your permit and ready to go for Finland.

Your spouse and children are also required to apply for a residence permit if they want to stay with you during your study in Finland. Finnish immigration process your application together. You have to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself as well as your spouse and children during your stay in Finland.

Finland Study visa requirements

You must show your original as well as copy documents when applying for Finland’s residence permit. The documents include:

  • Applicant Valid Passport.
  • Colorful passport-size personal photo.
  • Color copy of passport personal data page.
  • Offer letter from any Finnish education institute.
  • Detail of tuition fees and any scholarship.
  • Proof you have enough funds to support yourself (Bank Statement).
  • Health insurance form.
  • Educational documents.

Can I work with Finnish student residence permit?

International student works with a student residence permit as many hours as they wish but work must be related to their study program. In General international student work 25 hours during the study period and full time during the holidays period.

Can we apply for a visa again after rejection?

If you receive a negative decision, you will also be informed about how to appeal the decision.

The most common reason for refusing a residence permit to study is because there is not enough evidence that you have the funds to stay. If you are not sure what to send to show your finances, contact your nearest Consulate or Embassy for more details.

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