19 April, 2024

What To Put Email Subject line To Professors? Example, Acceptance Letter

If you are a student and applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or MBA program for study abroad, one of the main thing student always want to do is contact university/institution professors and seek their advice for funding or an acceptance letter for admission.

Most of the time when a student sends emails to professors they wish the professor read everything but it all comes down to the correct email subject line. So what to put in the subject line of the email to the professor? , what are some good subject lines for an email to a professor? and how to get an acceptance letter from professors.

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How to Email a Research Professor 

In our daily email conversations, we are used to putting standard or catchy subject lines in the emails we send to anyone. A few of them are as follows:

  • Hello
  • Hello! How are you?
  • Hi, How are you?
  • Need info
  • Thank you
  • Met you at the bus, train
  • Listen
  • Important
  • Must Read

A few years back, I sent the same email as everyone sends in their daily routine, does not know what our email subject lines were for getting information or an acceptance letter from the professor. Sometimes I received answers, sometimes I did not receive answers. I was really mad at a professor because they didn’t send an email back.

After some time when I got admission to a master’s degree in China, I realized that some professors even did not open emails, if they professor does not find relevant and catchy email subject lines because there is a lot of spam and all kinds of promotional emails to understand Basically, “NO ONE really opens your email, they just read the matter and decide to read it or eliminate it if they don’t recognize it.”

If your email subject line starts as indicated above no one reads your email. That’s why in this article, we will explain what is a good subject line for an email to a professor and email subject line examples for the professor and many other things.

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What should be the Email Subject Line For Professor

Due to the importance of the subject line of the email, you should put perfect and related information on the subject line. Your email subject line must contain critical information such as

  • Which is your status? Current student or potential student?
  • When do you want to apply for admission?
  • What is your question? Can you present the essence of your question in three words?
  • What is the urgency of the information?
  • What is your topic of interest in academic research?

I can give many more examples to you but basically, this is the core thing you should ask yourself first before starting the subject line.

Best Example Email subject line for professor

  • Fall 2019 Prospective Student: Need admission status
  • Spring student of 2019: Seeking information about scholarships
  • Summer postgraduate student 2019: I20 Status
  • Future student 2019: Need admission information
  • Future student 2019: I need information I20, URGENT!

If you look carefully at all of the above, anyone can identify what you need. They look very simple and clear, right? I can’t believe I’ve ruined this before

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Example Email subject line for Scholarship

As I mentioned earlier, teachers do NOT read everything. You must convince the Professor with your subject line that you should read the email without deleting it. Since you do not have a course or subject name, you must be very cautious. All the guidelines described above apply here as well.

  • Fall 2021 Prospective Student: Research information is required
  • Summer student 2021: Artificial intelligence research question
  • Spring 2021 Prospective student: Need admission information
  • Fall 2022 student: Needs information on research perspectives at UW-Madison
  • Summer 2022: Information is needed on research aids, URGENT!

The keyword that will be mentioned in the subject line is PROSPECTIVE STUDENT. The trick is that no teacher would discard any email if you have a potential student because you are a potential student for college and he will read it and refer you to the right person if you don’t know it.

Think about it: future students are future customers of the School, and they don’t want to lose customers :). Also, make sure the subject line is clear and does not exceed the readable subject line. Generally 50 to 60 characters.

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