29 May, 2024

Nusa Putra Univerisity Scholarship In Indonesia 2023 (Fully Funded)

Application is invited to apply for Nusa Putra Univerisity Scholarship In Indonesia 2023. This is fully funded by the Indonesia scholarship program for Undergraduate degrees. Applicant from all over the world is eligible to apply for a study abroad Indonesia scholarship.

Nusa Putra University offers such scholarships yearly to welcome students to the campus. Genusian Scholarship in Linseed 2022-23 will open the door to new and better opportunities for selected students and expose them to advanced learning in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

Nusa Putra Univerisity Scholarship

  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • University: Nusa Putra University
  • Degree level: Undergraduate
  • Host Country: Indonesia

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Scholarship Benefits:

Nusa Putra University will provide the following benefits:

  1. Pocket money /MONTH
  2. flight Tickets(not for all 
  3. Tuition fee 
  4. Book Allowance Fund 
  5. Research Fund 
  6. Transportation Fund
  7. Health Insurance Fund 
  8. Visa / Residence Permit Application Funds
  9. Resident place

Study Programs

  • Management (S1
  • Accounting (S1)
  • Law (S1)
  • Elementary School Teacher (S1)
  • Civil Engineering (S1)
  • Mechanical Engineering (S1)
  • Electrical Engineering (S1)
  • System Information (S1)
  • Informatics Engineering (S1)
  • Visual Communication Design (S1)
  • Informatics Engineering (S2)

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Eligibility Criteria:

Administrative selection is carried out by checking the completeness of documents and other requirements. Examination of document completeness and other requirements as referred to in point a is  carried out in the following stages :

The administrative selection team verifies and validates the registration documents’  completeness and suitability based on the stipulated requirements.  Applicants whose documents do not meet the requirements are declared not to have passed the administrative selection. 

Applicants whose documents meet the requirements are declared to have passed the administration.  applicants who are declared to have passed the administrative selection are determined as participants in the Interview Stage Selection. 

Information on applicants who pass or fail the administrative selection will be sent via email.

How To Apply

Apply now through the mail address: [email protected] and the website: https://iro.nusaputra.ac.id/

The online Application form is found Here.

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