13 June, 2024

The Top 5 Highest Paying Bachelors Degrees for the Future

By investing time, effort, and money toward a college degree, it would be great to be able to look ahead to make sure you are choosing your course wisely. While there are no guarantees regarding the future, there are some degrees that certainly seem future-proof. These degrees are in areas that are growing and are projected to see continued growth in the future.

Some courses, like many types of engineering, have always been solid options for students. Others, like the Internet of Things diplomas, are new and created to meet strong demand. All of them are promising for the future and are excellent options for new students or for those who wish to change courses. Hospitality specialists, we are taking care of you.

Many of these courses cover a wide range of employment opportunities in many industries and are very versatile. Most of the degrees we have included on this list provide skills and knowledge that can be applied to many, if not most, fields of business, making them stable options for the future. Unsurprisingly, STEM titles appear on this list, but there are a few surprises as well.

Best College Majors for the Future

5. Electrical Engineering

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that without electricity, life as we know it would stop. And the huge electrical grids that power our homes, businesses, and institutions are often maintained by people with a background in electrical engineering.

In fact, with an electrical engineering degree under their belt, a graduate can be fully equipped to assemble and manage power generators and present the most effective ways to transport the electricity they generate wherever it is needed.

However, alumni in the field are not limited to working on projects like these, as their degree will likely equip them with the technical ability to improve our telecommunications systems, appliances, and hardware as well.

So by putting this experience to the fore, electrical engineers are generally well paid during the middle points of their careers – according to PayScale’s 2016-2017 College Salary Report, during that time, those with a bachelor’s degree each typically make considerable earnings of $ 110,000 per year. year.

Computer Science And Mathematics

As the name implies, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics is aimed at those interested in computer technology and the mathematical equations that technology is often based on.

And generally, a computer science and mathematics student examines the ways in which the two spheres intersect, for example, through the mathematics involved in creating a successful algorithm.

Consequently, while working toward that bachelor’s degree, students can learn valuable, transferable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking – skills that should boost their employability in a variety of roles now and in the future.

That said, what students have collected during their time in college naturally makes them particularly suitable for occupations with a focus on technology or math, whether through programming or working as a statistician.

In either case, computer science and maths graduates are typically well paid once they enter the workforce. For example, PayScale’s 2016-2017 College Salary Report calculated that graduates who graduate from these fields will generally earn $ 111,000 a year for half of their careers.

Information Technology

While computing and information technology (or IT for short) may seem like similar fields, there are actually stark differences between the two. For example, while the focus of computer science is often programming, IT generally focuses more on managing and installing computer systems or developing technology networks.

Graduate students majoring in IT will generally improve their skills in the design, implementation, and maintenance of such systems, as well as learn about crucial related areas such as information security.

Additionally, as a result of this knowledge, graduates can find work as network architects, support specialists, or even research scientists, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in the previous occupation earned average salaries of $ 101,210 in 2016 Additionally, the bureau stated that the number of computer and IT-related positions in the US is expected to increase 12 percent in the years 2014 to 2024.

Computer Science And Engineering

While computer science degree courses can provide a valuable overview of the field, other related programs offer more specialized knowledge and teaching for those looking to develop their skills in certain areas of technology.

In particular, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering can be an ideal choice for anyone wanting to learn the basics of how computers work and how to develop and build their own hardware or software – useful skills in an age we depend on. so much technology.

Additionally, this knowledge enables graduates to obtain positions virtually anywhere construction systems and programs are needed, from developing the traffic control technology infrastructure to creating the software needed for the smart homes of the future.

And while earning potential naturally depends on how much an employer is willing to give, PayScale’s 2016-17 College Salaries Report states that computer science and engineering graduates can expect mid-career salaries worth $ 116,000 per year.

Computer Science

Today, virtually every business on the planet relies heavily on computers to keep their organizations running, and this is something that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Therefore, companies of all sizes, from small regional companies to well-known brands, always need IT specialists who can solve any technical problem or quickly create user-friendly websites to customer specifications.

It’s no wonder, then, that computer science courses are some of the most popular of their kind in American universities today.

Typically, computer science graduates learn not only how computer hardware works, but also how to navigate coding language programs like Java and C ++, as well as more complicated languages ​​like Prolog and Scheme.

And the skills learned with a computer science degree greatly open up the job market for graduates in the field, with roles from computer systems analyst to web developer available to those with the necessary skills.

These positions generally pay well, too: Based on 2016 U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) figures, the typical software developer earns an impressive median salary of $ 102,280. Perhaps even more promising, the DOL estimated that the need for people in these roles will only increase in the US in the next few years.

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