27 January, 2023

List Of 8000 Fully Funded Germany Scholarships 2023-24 (Apply Now)

Germany is a country of great opportunity, with a strong economy and many opportunities for students. Applications are open to Germany scholarships for international students 2023-24. With more than 8,000 Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany in 2023.

The German government offers numerous scholarships to both international students and locals who are interested in studying abroad. There are also many private scholarships available, especially if you’re looking for funding for your studies or research.

The German Scholarships are open for undertaking Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees. Germany is the ideal destination to study abroad: World-class education, exciting urban life embedded in beautiful landscapes, and welcoming culture with people from all over the globe.

Not only can you expect a world-class education when you study in Germany. At most universities, it is even free. That’s right: No matter what country you come from, most schools offer their education completely free of charge. 

Scholarships in Germany 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Germany
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Bachelors, Masters/MPhil, MBA, LLM, PhD
  • Currency: Euro

DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship

The DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship is a highly competitive program with a limited number of awards available to students worldwide. You can apply for this scholarship if you are an international student and have been accepted into a German university or college.

The scholarship amount varies depending on your household income and academic achievements, but it will most likely be around $1,500 USD per year.

What kind of students can apply?

The DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship is open to all international students who are currently enrolled in high school or college semesters 1 through 4 at one of the following institutions:

  • German universities (with undergraduate degrees)
  • German colleges (with undergraduate degrees)

For More Information: Official Source

German Chancellor Fellowship for tomorrow’s leaders

The German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow’s Leaders is a scholarship program, open to students from developing countries who want to study in Germany.

The program provides full funding for a master’s degree at one of the top universities in Germany (such as Humboldt or Freie Universität Berlin) and includes tuition fees, living costs, and health insurance coverage.

In addition, you’ll receive an annual stipend of €50 000 per year while studying full-time at one of these institutions; this amount can be increased if you have additional achievements such as publishing articles or winning prizes during your studies.

For More Information: Official Source

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DAAD Helmut-Schmidt-Programme Master’s Scholarship

The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programm Master’s Scholarship is for students from developing countries who are pursuing a master’s degree at a German university. The scholarship covers the costs of study and living expenses, as well as some travel expenses.

For More Information: Official Source

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Scholarship Programmes for Developing Countries (masters or PhDs)

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is a political foundation that supports social and economic transformation in developing countries. The foundation promotes democracy, human rights, and gender equality.

The scholarship program provides scholarships for students from developing countries who wish to pursue their studies at German universities or institutions of higher education abroad.

The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung offers scholarships for studying for master’s or PhDs at institutions of higher education in Germany or abroad.

The application period runs from 1 March until 30 June each year (for courses starting in autumn). Applications are open only if there are funds available; otherwise, they will be rejected immediately after submission!

For More Information: Official Source

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IU University Germany Scholarship

At IU, we support students from all over the world with competitive scholarships based on where you are and your individual needs and circumstances. 

Make sure to apply before the 20th of October 2022 and benefit from a scholarship of up to 75%! That’s a huge weight off your mind during your studies so you can concentrate on your success. 

Explore your options with us, today! It’s our goal to help you get started on a degree to transform your future. 

For More Information: Official Source

DAAD Scholarships 2023-24

International students can apply to numerous organizations for a scholarship, for example to the DAAD, party-related foundations, or business-affiliated institutions.

You can find information on the various types of scholarships in the DAAD scholarship database, along with suitable offers.

For More Information: Official Source

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships 2023

Equality in education means equal opportunities for everyone. In many cases, these opportunities are not given. That is why we stand up for people who have only limited financial possibilities or who come from families with a migration background. 

We want to motivate them to study or do a doctorate. At the same time, we create a framework for the further development of their socio-political commitment.

For More Information: Official Source

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University of Freiburg Scholarships

The University of Freiburg will award the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship), a national scholarship program, which provides 300 euros per month in funding for students who are expected to produce outstanding achievements in their studies and career.

For More Information: Official Source

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

The Heinrich Böll Foundation funds scholarships for about 1,000 students every year. Funding generally covers the standard study period with the option to apply for renewal for 1 semester.

The scholarship is geared toward particularly gifted students from Germany and abroad. Applicants from any discipline and higher education institution are eligible for funding: talented students showing excellent promise for future academic and professional careers. Moreover, applicants show involvement in line with the values of green policy.

  • Deadline: 1st March 20223

For More Information: Official Source

Hof University Germany Scholarship

The scholarships aim to provide financial support to foreign students to cover extra costs for living and study materials during their studies at Hochschule Hof.

Hochschule Hof gives semester or yearly scholarships to qualified foreign students in need for the summer semester of 2022 and/ or winter semester of 2022/23.

  • Deadline: October 31st, 2022

For More Information: Official Source

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