26 May, 2024

Study Abroad Through a Consultant or Should I Directly Apply?

Studying abroad is a great decision because not only is there a huge financial cost but also your career is at stake. The whole procedure is stressful, not only for the candidate but also for the whole family. A lot of confusion comes when we try to search for information Because everyone has their own point of view. This is where the work of a good consultant comes in.

A good consult may be a priceless asset for you. They provide complete guidance and attention to a student who is confused about studying abroad. To make sure you get the best advice from the consultants, the first step would be to find and contact the right one first. I have specified some tips for you below.

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What Is My Personal Experience About Consultant

When I planned to do higher studies. I was not aware of all the rules and regulations. I tried to gather all the information online and through friends. I was able to get most of the information, but I still faced minor obstacles related to visas, fees, accommodation, etc.

I was bombarded with all this educational advice to contact them after visiting a study fair in my city.

I realized that I still had something to cover and that time was slowly running out. So I contacted some decent educational consultants and they gave me the college options they can help me with. To be honest, all these universities sucked.

I realized that they were linked to these universities and that the educational consultancy will not charge me. I played along with them. I was admitted to 3-4 universities by different educational consultants.

All these educational consultancies have given me a list of documents that I need to have before applying for universities and for visa purposes.

I did not apply for an educational loan. But after knowing these educational agencies, I realized that I needed to keep the money in my account for three months. The only problem was that I only had 1 month to apply for a visa and start my course.

I learned this important fact after visiting educational consultants. I accept that I did not do the research correctly. But I did what was possible on my side by asking other friends who were studying. It was a stressful moment.

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As it was an important criterion to have money in my account for 3 months to obtain the visa. After talking with the educational consultant, they gave me another option to borrow and use to apply for a visa.

I went to Bank for a loan. They provided the loan after having our house as collateral. They mentioned that since I only get the visa, they can give me the loan. I obtained the loan, requested the visa, and once I obtained the visa, I flew abroad for my studies.

I received an email from Bank that they are ready to release my payment. I told them that I didn’t need the loan.

What I advise is to visit the educational consultant. There is no harm in visiting them and knowing them. But do your research separately for the list of universities you want to apply to and separate them by importance.

If the university you researched has links to educational consultants, don’t think twice. Apply through them, they do not charge anything as long as they are paid by the university. The chances of being accepted are also high. If there is a problem, this educational consultant will help you with your university representatives.

How To Find a Good Study Abroad Consultant

Finding a good study abroad consultant is a very difficult task. If we just search on google Study abroad consultant nearby me we found hundreds of consultant names. The below information will help you when you looking for a Study consultant who handles your admission process.

#1. Research About Consultant

Do a lot of research work. You can receive many suggestions from people around you. Don’t just say the word and find some consultants before deciding which one to solve.

It is obvious that the consultant who would help you with a wide range of universities around the world would be the candidate you should follow.

Ask your senior or colleagues to help you to find the best suitable consultant for you. Another way to research a consultant is through google review.

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#2. Pay Attention to How They Answer Your Questions.

Once you find the consultant, have the appropriate set of queries ready and write how the consultant answers all your questions. Do they have the right knowledge? Do they have enough experience? These are some questions that you must answer for yourself.

#3. Check Background

After hiring a consultant, always be sure to conduct background checks on the consultant in advance. Always remember that consultants are different from agents.

While good consultants always advise the best university for you based on your profile and score, agents work on commission and maintain relationships with universities. Based on that, they probably wouldn’t be the best guide.

Are You Really need a Study Abroad Consultant?

I would say look where you are. The background and history of each person are different. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have a complete understanding of the admission process?
  • If not, do you feel sure you will find out?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of all the steps?

If the answer to all this is yes, I believe you are ready to process your admission application itself.

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