13 June, 2024

Study In Sweden: Cheapest Universities, Scholarship, Study Visa

Choose to study in Sweden and you will find yourself in a nation that has always exceeded its weight. Being the center of an empire in the seventeenth century, the home and place of birth of the Nobel Prize, its influence has spread beyond its borders, although its total population is no larger than a large city.

Swedish companies like Ikea and Volvo are known throughout the world, and their contributions to popular culture range from the pop aristocrats of the 70s, from ABBA to red hair, to the innovative films of director Ingmar Bergman.

Modern Sweden is known for its sense of social justice and equity. It has the highest level of equality of wealth in the world, one of the smallest gender wage gaps in the world, health care financed with public funds for all, and equal rights for gay and heterosexual couples.

Add amazing beauty from northern Europe and free tuition for EU students, and the appeal to study in Sweden is quite strong.

Here at Student Guide, we will explore the best Low- tuition universities for international students, scholarships in Sweden 2023-24, How to Apply, for a Sweden study visa, living expenses, and much more.

Top Universities in Sweden

Sweden offers a good selection of universities as one would expect from a country with an economy driven by science and technology. He has eight entries in the QS World University Rankings, all among the 350 best. The main three are:

#1. Lund university

The University of Lund is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in northern Europe and occupies 78th place worldwide. With a large student body of 42,000, students represent almost half of the population of the city of Lund, of which 20% are from outside Sweden.

The university cooperates with 600 universities in more than 70 countries, both in research and in student exchange programs, such as Erasmus.

#2. KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

KTH is the largest, oldest, and most international polytechnic university in Sweden and is considered one of the best in Europe. Located in the capital, Stockholm, currently occupies the 98th position in the world, offers a third of Sweden’s education and engineering research, and has always been ranked as one of the 40 best universities for engineering and technology issues.

#3. Uppsala University

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden and in all Nordic countries. It is ranked 112th in the QS World University Rankings and has 43,591 students enrolled.

The long history of the university’s prestigious teaching makes it a member of the Coimbra Group, an association of long-standing international institutions.

5 Cheapest Universities in Sweden

  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Uppsala University
  • Lund University
  • Stockholm University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sweden Scholarship For International Students

Swedish scholarships for international students are available for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. Until 2010, Sweden was one of the few countries in Europe where you can study for free.

Then, the Swedish government passed a law that establishes the enrollment and registration costs for students from non-EU / EEA countries, which will be complemented by Swedish scholarship programs.

A significant number of Swedish universities still offer scholarships in the form of tuition-free for international students.

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How To Apply For Admission To Sweden University

For Swedish university admissions, you must use the centralized university admission application portal, Universityadmissions.se. The university is free for Swedish citizens and citizens of EU countries. However, rates have been introduced for citizens outside the EU.

Each university establishes them individually and can pay between SEK 90,000 and 150,000 (around $ 10,560 to 17,595), depending on their degree. Non-EU students must also pay a registration fee of SEK900 (US $ 106); This remains the same, no matter how many courses or programs they enroll in.

How To Apply For Sweden Student Visa

The student visa requirements for Sweden differ depending on whether or not you are an EU country.

EU citizens and Swiss:

You do not need a visa. Unless you are from a Nordic country, you must register with the Swedish Migration Council within three months of your arrival.

You must show that you have been accepted in a course, show that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay and provide evidence that you have purchased health insurance to obtain your registration certificate.

Swiss citizens must also obtain a special residence permit, for which they must follow a similar procedure.

If you are not from the EU / EEA:

You will need a residence permit to study in Sweden, which you can obtain from your local Swedish embassy. The registration fee for student residence permits and permission to seek work after completing their studies in Sweden is SEK1,000 (US $ 117).

To obtain a study permit, you must show that you have been admitted to a course, that you have comprehensive health insurance, and that you can stay during the course.

You must have enough money for the entire study period at the time of your initial application. The amount needed is reduced if you receive free accommodation or food or if you have a scholarship.

You must renew your permit annually.

Cost of Living in Sweden

The cost of living varies considerably, depending on where you live. For example, accommodation and other living costs may be higher in Stockholm and other major cities than in more rural areas. The average monthly cost of living for a student in Sweden is approximately SEK 7,070 (about € 750).

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