27 May, 2024

9 Quick and Easy Scholarships to Apply That You Can Win Easily

Let’s face it: studying abroad and obtaining higher education abroad is not cheap. The most competitive institutions not only ask for high tuition fees, but the cost of living will consume your wallet as if there were no tomorrow.

Many of the best schools in the US And the United Kingdom helps people with their financial results by offering financial help, including scholarships, fellowships, and loans.

But are they not competitive? Don’t I need to be homeless to apply? How do I know that I qualify? Isn’t it all a big headache?

Certainly, college scholarships can be competitive and have a lot of bureaucracy in the application, but guess what, it doesn’t always have to be difficult, competitive, or restrictive. Some grants are for everyone, including you.

Tips To Win College Scholarships

Here are some general tips for winning scholarships in general, including international scholarships. Making your life a little easier, no matter what you are looking for.

Align your opinions with the entity that awarded the scholarship. Read the mission statement of the organization or do some research on your brand or objectives. This is more effective in the test admission sections

Spend a lot of time editing your work when completing scholarship applications. Each first draft is garbage. You should review your work, eliminate superfluous words, make everything more rigid, and, most importantly, eliminate errors.

Submit your scholarship application as soon as possible. Most winners seem to apply early.

Stay on topic. Unfortunately, many application essays deviate from the subject. Take some time to analyze the issue, no matter how vague or general, to see what you are really asking. Plan ahead what you will write and then go from one point to another, reaching a firm conclusion. There are no waffles.

Volume Apply for most grants. More candidates mean more chances for success.

The Ultimate List of Easy Scholarships

The following scholarships are not in any specific order but have been chosen for their simplicity of application. This list should provide an excellent starting point to begin your financial aid journey.

Precaution: There are scams

  • Never pay to apply for a scholarship
  • Be careful of large bank commissions or offers too good to be true
  • Never pay a deposit to someone you don’t know

#1. Courage to Grow Scholarship


  • $ 500
  • Granted monthly
  • 250-word essay on why you deserve the scholarship
  • Deadline: end of each month

All you need to apply is proof of registration and a grade point average above 2.5; It could not be simpler.

#2. Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway


  • 8x $ 2,500, 4x $ 20,000 or 4x $ 100,000 in tuition fees
  • Open to students from 18 to 24 years old.
  • Write 350 words about why you will change the world
  • US citizens Only
  • Send a 1-minute video
  • Deadline: October 17 each Year

Although it is restricted to US citizens, it is worth noting that Dr. Pepper distributes A LOT of money for very little effort. The video component also requires some product placement. It’s a bit disgusting, but $ 100,000 for 350 words: $ 286 per word.

#3. Scholarship Points


  • Prizes range from $ 1,000 to $ 10,500
  • Turn your scholarship application into a literal shooting in Turkey
  • Complete activities to earn scholarship points
  • Use dots to enter random drawings
  • Sell ​​your data to third parties
  • Deadline: N / A

You want it easy, that’s all. Perform marketing activities, such as completing surveys, recommending friends, reading emails and articles, to earn points. Use these points to enter random draws and maybe win a scholarship. Basically, you are exchanging your personal and social media data for a small chance of receiving some money from the grant.

#4. Foundation of common knowledge


  • It varies from $ 250 to $ 2,500
  • Available for students and parents.
  • Take common knowledge tests
  • Scores classified by speed and accuracy
  • Money can only be used in US schools/colleges.
  • Deadline: N / A

After registration, perform some tests on topics such as books, websites, movies and try to earn some money. A nonprofit institution that tries to give everyone a fair chance to get financial help.

#5. CastleSmart Scholarship


  • £ 6,000
  • Open to UK university students and all other nationalities.
  • Make a YouTube video about your course, why you chose it, what you will earn and what you plan to do after the course.
  • Deadline: December 20

A great scholarship opportunity for anyone who wants to study in the UK. You will need some video and editing skills: look for people to stand out, so be prepared to add some creativity.

#6. Automatic Fire Sprinklers Association Scholarship Essay Contest


  • 10x $ 2,000 or 5x $ 1,000
  • Criteria not based on financial needs, GPA or demography!
  • Home education can be applied!
  • Senior high school students residing in the US.
  • Deadline: April 17

It is an online questionnaire and essay for anyone in the last year of high school in the United States. You earn money if you can show how automatic fire sprinklers have positive effects … seriously.

#7. Chinese Students Scholarship


  • Up to £ 3,000
  • Chinese Ph.D. students who wish to study in the United Kingdom
  • British Ph.D. students travel to learn in China
  • Deadline: April 10

This scholarship is specifically for Chinese or British students in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields who wish to improve their education in their country. It is a very rigorous registration process, which contradicts the purpose of this article, but the niche is so specific and the awareness is low that it is worth mentioning.

#8. The $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship


  • $ 2,000
  • Open to all students.
  • International students with a valid visa are eligible
  • They will sell your data to third parties.
  • Deadline: N / A

Put your name on a hat and see what happens, literally open to everyone who is going to study or study in the United States. Talk easy. As scholarship points, you are the product.

#9. CGTrader Scholarship


  • Winner of $ 2,000 and two $ 500 for runners-up
  • 500-100 words
  • Theme: “The future of technology in education”
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Full time enrolled in an academic institution
  • Deadline: June 1

CGTrader is a 3D modeling company, but it opens its scholarship to students who wish to write about the future of technology. The very easy and comprehensive application process for a good reward.


University scholarships do not always have to be a burden. There are thousands of opportunities available to you, you just need to research them. Certainly, some of them will be difficult, but I hope this article illustrates how easy it can be to request money.


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