13 June, 2024

List of Fully Funded Scholarships Program (Apply Right Now)

The scholarship is a dazzling word! It appeals to all ambitious young people as their dreams and goals are many but resources are limited. When you are looking for a scholarship, it also means that you want to be appreciated for a bright future. And that is what fully funded scholarships do.

Apply for the Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., Diploma, and Post Doctorate Scholarships. These fully funded scholarship programs are funded by the Government and University.

So, here we have the top fully funded scholarships that are competent to give you all the support you need to start your study abroad journey and add some much-needed sparkle to life.

Fully Funded Scholarships

A fully funded scholarship is a financial aid program that takes all of the financial burdens of your education onto itself, hence supporting foreign students with a pleasant educational environment.

The schemes cover tuition and living expenses, often including travel expenses, textbook allowances, insurance, etc.

1. Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarship 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/harbin-institute-of-technology-scholarship-2025/

2. Uppsala University Scholarships In Sweden 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/uppsala-university-scholarship/

3. University of Oulu Scholarship In Finland 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/university-of-oulu-scholarship/

4. Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Program 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/taiwan-icdf-scholarship-2025/

5. Trent University Scholarship In Canada 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/trent-university-scholarship-2024/

6. Ernst Mach Austria Scholarship in Europe (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/ernst-mach-austria-scholarship/

7. University of Alberta International Scholarships In Canada 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/university-of-alberta-international-scholarships/

8. Utrecht University Excellence Scholarship in Netherlands (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/utrecht-university-excellence-scholarship/

9. University of Pecs Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/university-of-pecs-scholarships/

10. Chevening Scholarships In the United Kingdom 2024 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/chevening-scholarships-in-uk/

11. Imperial College London President’s Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/imperial-college-presidents-scholarship/

12. Ministry of Taiwan Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/taiwan-scholarship-for-international-students/

13. Boston University Scholarships In USA 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/boston-university-scholarships/

14. Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/swedish-institute-scholarship-for-global-professionals-2024/

15. Griffith University Scholarships In Australia 2025 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/griffith-university-scholarships-2025/

16. Boise State University USA Scholarship 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/boise-state-graduate-assistantships/

17. University of Oxford Skoll Scholarship In USA 2025 (Fully Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/oxford-skoll-scholarship-2025/

18. University of Montreal International Scholarship Program 2024 (Funded) https://opportunityportal.info/university-of-montreal-scholarship-2024/

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